Friday, 25 May 2007

One day they'll go faster than Superman...

So... I wasn't going to use this blog for plugging my own music, but seeing as Last Night's TV have just unleashed a track that we're all incredibly proud of, I thought it worthy of a mention...

Funnily enough, on the very weekend we're playing a gig to plug our brand new free download-only single 'Monaco', the actual Monaco Grand Prix is taking place. I should mention at this point that no one in the band has even the slightest interest in motor racing (hence the timing being a mere coincidence), and the song only uses the race as a backdrop to a romance. Not particularly macho, but there you go. If you like your indie-pop a little melancholic and string-laden, give it a go.

Download MP3: Monaco (right-click and save as)

Alternatively, have a listen over at the Last Night's TV Myspace page, where you can also find details of upcoming gigs etc.

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