Tuesday, 15 May 2007

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Great Overlooked Albums #2

The Exponents - Better Never Than Late

If known outside NZ at all, The Exponents (or Dance Exponents as they were originally known) are probably best known for 80s hit 'Victoria', which found itself in the top 10 of APRA's recent 100 Best NZ Songs vote.

My knowledge of them extends no further than a handful of hits and, more importantly, an absolute gem of an album called 'Better Never Than Late' from 1997. This being around the time when I was still in my mildly obsessive phase of anything linked to the Finn Brothers and their erstwhile Split Enz colleagues (no matter how vague the link), this album, produced by none other than Enz keyboard maestro Eddie Rayner, was pre-destined to have a place in my CD racks.

Song-wise it's a fantastic collection, from the sleazy rock of 'Shouldn't Be Allowed' to the Mutton Birds-y radio-friendly 'One In A Lifetime', through drop-dead gorgeous ballad 'Come And Go', to the almost Crowded House-like 'You Started Me Thinking' (well, Crowded House in 'Locked Out' mode perhaps). Great songs, great album.

I found my copy in a second-hand shop in Reading, so presumably it had a UK release of sorts. A quick spot of Googling throws up very little about the album, and none of the obvious online retailers (even eBay) appear to have any copies. If you can track it down though, it's definitely worth a listen. More info on the band can be found here, and singer Jordan Luck's latest project can be found here.

MP3: The Exponents - One In A Lifetime

MP3: The Exponents - Come And Go

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MichielV said...


I bought my copy of better never than late on my first visit to NZ. I don't know whether there were different versions but my copy also had a bonus CD with live tracks. Although the quality isn't always perfect it's the closest I'll ever come to visiting an Exponents' concert so I am very happy with that bonus CD.

BTW: if you like this album, also listen to "Something beginning with C" and their best off album "once bitten, twice bitten". Definitely worth a listen or two.