Thursday, 28 May 2009

Cassingle Revival: Seven - Inside Love

Hadn't really thought about uploading random old cassingles before, but I had this song in my head today and figured other people might, at a push, remember it too. This is from somewhere around '89/'90-ish (it surely couldn't be from any later???) and was a single I absolutely adored, and played to death at the time. Think I may have even had the poster-bag 7" version too. I guess musically it hasn't stood the test of time, but as a tune it still pretty much rules.

Not sure what made me think of this song today, but a little bit of searching turned up the video on Youtube:

The audio on the MP3s below is from the cassingle, so probably not the greatest sound quality ever (but better than on that Youtube version...)

MP3: Seven - Inside Love

MP3: Seven - Till Then

Thursday, 7 May 2009

It's a balancing act...

I've become a bit obsessed with Nerina Pallot's new Buckminster Fuller EP. It doesn't appear to have been promoted much outside of her Myspace, which is a shame as it contains some of her best tunes to date. It Starts is just musical perfection, a fragile statement of intent which sets the tone for what's to follow. Best of the bunch is Girl On A Wire, where the modern-day-Joni vocals and piano are unexpectedly joined halfway through by a synth, to fantastic effect. Some gorgeous chords and the kind of melody that instantly sticks in the head all add up to a dreamily wonderful three and a half minutes. The EP's title track may well (consciously or not) melodically reference Regina Spector's Samson, and try listening to the synths in Better Than Today and not smirk if you're familiar with the theme music from the BBC spoof comedy Look Around You, but all in all this is a fantastic set of songs. Fingers crossed the long overdue album is as good...

Links to buy the EP can be found on Nerina's Myspace page

MP3: Nerina Pallot - Girl On A Wire

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

You shall go to the ball...

Vested interest aside, here's a quick plug for the new March Greens EP, You Shall Go To The Ball. People say it's in a similar ballpark to Belle and Sebastian, so give it a listen if that's your bag. The whole EP is streaming over at, and it can be bought on iTunes and various other places - check out for all the info you could possibly need.