Thursday, 28 May 2009

Cassingle Revival: Seven - Inside Love

Hadn't really thought about uploading random old cassingles before, but I had this song in my head today and figured other people might, at a push, remember it too. This is from somewhere around '89/'90-ish (it surely couldn't be from any later???) and was a single I absolutely adored, and played to death at the time. Think I may have even had the poster-bag 7" version too. I guess musically it hasn't stood the test of time, but as a tune it still pretty much rules.

Not sure what made me think of this song today, but a little bit of searching turned up the video on Youtube:

The audio on the MP3s below is from the cassingle, so probably not the greatest sound quality ever (but better than on that Youtube version...)

MP3: Seven - Inside Love

MP3: Seven - Till Then


Tomatohead said...

Speaking of Cassingle Revivals...Did you hear that the Lucksmiths are calling it a day? :(

Thanks for the headsup on the March Greens o'er at Myspace and your Pulp post.

Spence said...

I did hear about the Lucksmiths, and it's a huge shame indeed... Been listening to Warmer Corners a lot this week as a tribute!