Thursday, 20 December 2007

So much better with the past behind you...

Just when you think 2007 is done and nothing new will emerge til the new year, along comes Mike Viola with his new self-released record, Lurch.

Despite staying under the radar most of the time, he's released a record a year for the last few years - 2004's Candy Butchers masterpiece Hang On Mike, 2005's Just Before Dark, 2006's compilation of early Candy Butchers material Making Up Time, and now his new record, which stylistically is a mix of Candy Butchers indie-rock and the 70s singer-songwriter style he's favoured more recently.

Most excitingly, it includes So Much Better, a cracking Beatles-y pop tune that's been streaming on his Myspace page for what seems like years.

MP3: Mike Viola - So Much Better
Buy Lurch

MP3: Candy Butchers - Unexpected Traffic
Buy Hang On Mike

Video: Mike Viola - Number Crunch (right-click and save)
Buy Just Before Dark

And as a bonus, a song I posted last Christmas, but figured it's well worth posting again - one of the finest contemporary Christmas tunes...

MP3: Candy Butchers - Give Me A Second Chance For Christmas
Buy Let's Get Christmas

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